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Traditional wax in tablets and pearls

Quality and performance.

Liposoluble waxes solid at room temperature but with a very low melting point which permit to be re-used more times without the loss of its excellent depilatory properties.

Basically formulated with rosin (pine resin derivatives) and bees wax. Its high content in bees wax give them elasticity to apply in thin layers without risk of cracking and at the same time provides a much softer “pull”, diminishing the pain sensation when the hair is removed.

Natural, Vegetal, Azul, Rosa and Marfil

cera-grupoWaxes with different qualities, perfectly adapted to the way beauticians work and also to the different seasons of the year depending if the weather is cold or warm.

Note: The Rosa and Marfil waxes contain Titanium Dioxide which grant them characteristic pasty and elastic qualities.

Waxes in case

caja-pastillasDepilatory wax case of 290 gr.

Available in varieties Rosa, Azul and Vegetal wax.

Boxes 1 kg of pearl wax

caja-cera-perlasAvailable in Rosa, Azul, Natural, Aloe Vera, Milk, Chocogold, Menta, Lavanda and Negro varieties.

· 1000 gr.

· Carton of 14 boxes (14 Kg)


Boxes 1 kg of traditional wax


Available in our wide range of varieties Milk, Chocogold, Menta, Lavanda, Negra, Caroteno, Rosa, Azul, Vegetal, Natural, Marfil, Canela and Aloe Vera.

· 1000 gr.

· Carton of 14 boxes (14 Kg)