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Types of waxes and its compositions

Traditional waxes

These are liposoluble waxes, solid at room temperature but with a low melting point temperature which permit a greater number of recycling without loosing its excellent hair removal properties.

Formulated principally using colophanes (derivatives of pine rosins) and bees wax and the high quantity of this last ingredient grant the waxes great elasticity which allows to apply them in thin layers without the risk of breaking and moreover they give a softer pull reducing the sensation of pain when the hair is removed.


Note: the Rosa, Marfil, Lavanda and Milk waxes moreover contain Titanium Dioxide which grants them more elastic and pasty properties.

Disposable warm waxes

These are liposoluble waxes, semisolid at room temperature but easily melted when introduced into the heating device. Its special composition (glycolic derivatives of colophanes) grants them a very “adhering to the hair” texture but they do not dry up so that they have to be removed with woven non woven strips.

The principal advantages are their low temperature (perfect for those skins sensitive to heat), their hygiene (single use only) and their comfort and easy application (thanks to the built-in roll-on).


Using low temperature waxes (38ºC) in very fine layers avoid risks of possible burns. They are recommended for people with circulatory problems or sensitive skins.

It is a comfortable and easy system to apply thanks to its roll-on which always supplies the same exact and necessary quantity of wax without problems of leaking.

The heating-applying device permits a total aseptic waxing.

The wax is removed efficiently with special waxing strips and is less painful then other systems.

Using instructions

Roll-on waxes

Plug in the heater to the mains and maintain it connected during the whole day. Introduce the roll-on cartridge into the heater 8 to 10 minutes before you are going to do a waxing treatment and check after 10 minutes that the wax has got a good liquid texture. At that moment the wax is ready for a perfect depilation since it reached an ideal temperature for its application without having suffered any overheating.

Unseal the roll-on and slide it over the clean and dry skin (it should roll easily) in the direction of the hair growth leaving a fine layer of wax on the area you wish to depilate.

Extend a waxing strip on the applied wax and press it on all its surface except for the last centimetre which should be folded to hold it tight.
Maintain the skin tense with the help of one hand and with the other hand pull the strip with an energetic and fast movement always against the direction of the hair growth and as parallel as possible to the skin (NEVER pull upwards since this will provoke pain, possible haematomas and a bad hair removal).

The strip can be used several times until it is full with wax. At that moment it should be substituted for a new one.

The wax remains can be removed with some drops of Depil-OK Post Depil Repair Oil by means of a soft massage which at the same time will leave the skin smooth and hydrated.

After waxing we recommend the use of our Depil-OK Retard Ampoules which, thanks to its formula with a high concentration of active ingredients, retard the hair growth acting on its germinative zone so that this will grow more slowly and comes back every time clearer and thinner.

Once the hair removal is finished the heater should be unplugged and placed vertically to avoid spillage of wax. Do not store it in a place where it can fall easily neither close to water.

To clean the heater you can use a little Depil-OK Post Depil Repair oil and/or ethylic alcohol with a dry cloth. Make sure before that the heater is unplugged.

Traditional wax

A wooden spatula should be used for the correct application of these waxes, not being necessary the subsequent use of strips.

Extra-fine canned wax

The application must be done with a spatula. The quality and texture of this wax does not necessitate the use of strips.

Canned wax

The application must be done with a spatula and it is necessary to remove the wax with the depilation strips.


  • Choose the wax type depending on the season and temperature. Possible circulatory problems and sensitive skins should be taken into account.
  • If it is the first time that somebody is waxed, it is recommended to do first a test on a small surface of the skin to avoid possible allergic reactions towards the wax.
  • Before applying the wax make sure that the skin is clean and dry to avoid adherence problems.
  • Do not apply the wax on the areas next to the eyes or other sensitive areas (spots, warts, etc.) neither on harmed skin with open wounds or coetaneous eruptions. Apply a calming cream when very irritated areas on the skin are observed.
  • If, after waxing, the skin has to be exposed to the sun it is recommendable to use a cream with a high protection factor or wait 24 hours in order to avoid possible irritations of the skin.