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How to maintain the skin hydrated

To have a beautiful skin, you should maintain it healthy and nourished and with the Depil-OK products we help you to achieve it because many of our products contain in its formula hydrating ingredients which help you to obtain a skin like silk.

Following we offer you some advices to maintain your skin in perfect conditions:

    • Drink a lot of water

      During the day you should drink at least 8 glasses of wáter (between 1,2 and 1,5 liters). This is the minimum recommended to oxygenate and clean the skin.

    • Eat healthy

      To avoid the skin turns greasy, do not eat sweets, fried food, hamburgers….  This way you will prevent the appearance of blackheads and imperfections. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which will nourish the skin because of their richness of vitamins.

    • Use a hydrating cream

      It is essential to apply a cream both the day as the night. Use one according to your type of skin and remind that the one which you apply before going to sleep is different from the one you use during the day.

    • Don’t abuse the sun

      It is recommendable not to sunbathe between midday and 2 p.m. The sun is strongest during these hours and it is easier that the skin produces patches and premature wrinkles.

    • Remove the dead cells from the skin

      An exfoliation should be done once a week but if you have a sensitive skin enlarge it every two weeks.

    • Have healthy habits

      Alcohol and tobacco don’t only dry up the skin but they age it easily. The appearance of wrinkles and patches is unavoidable, so don’t abuse of none of them.


Post depilatory

You have finished waxing and now, how to get the most out of your new soft and shiny skin?

The skin only will have a soft aspect when it is conveniently hydrated and to achieve that, you should prepare it with an exfoliant at least once a week.

The application of body oil 5 minutes after taking a shower will improve the skins’ hydration and give it a fantastic shine.  You should give special attention to those areas which are prone to dryness, like heels, elbows, knees….

However your body is hydrated correctly, have in mind that scaly, dry or chapped skin will be detrimental to your general appearance.

When you observe that your skin has a dull appearance, you can improve it easily applying a body lotion with a shiny touch, which hydrates the skin and at the same time will improve the general tone, catching the light on the surface and favoring the appearance of a smooth and healthy skin.